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4K UHD trial for Walks Around Britain

by RXTV-newsdesk

Syndicated TV series Walks Around Britain today announced it will be be filming the next season in 4K/UHD and so will be the first outdoor TV series in the UK to be produced in the format. 

It follows the successful filming and production of several walks in the last season in UHD as a test – to understand how producing in the high quality format.

4K – or more correctly known in television terms as UHD – Ultra High Defnition – offers a picture quality of roughly four times better than regular High Definition HD pictures. It is particularly well-suited to certain types of programming, and Walks Around Britain is clearly one of those, with the stunning landscapes, countryside and urban spaces able to be seen in much great detail and realism,

The first UHD season will be the forthcoming special season dedicated to the Trans Pennine Trail – the epic long distance trail spanning between Southport and Hornsea with 370 miles of walking. The seven editions of this season will be filmed and edited entirely in UHD – making it the first walking series in the world in 4K.

The full UHD editions will be available only on Walks Around Britain+ – the brand’s on demand video subscription service dubbed “Netflix for Walking” – which is available at £39.95 for a year.

An edited version of the season will be available on the Walks Around Britain YouTube – still in UHD – and the versions available on Prime Video and broadcast television will be in HD and stardard definition respectively.

Walking is the most popular outdoor leisure activity in Britain, and the Walks Around Britain brand has been at the forefront of of the industry for 10 years – first launching as a website in August 2009. The brand’s combination of focusing on short walks (between 2-8 miles) and featuring real and relatable presenters, have ensured it is one of the most trusted and popular names in the outdoor world.

Speaking about the move to UHD/4K, Walks Around Britain’s senior producer and presenter Andrew White said:

We’re thrilled to be moving to UHD production on Walks Around Britain – it’s certainly the future and we’re excited to be able to bring the beauty of the landscapes around the Trans Pennine Trail to our audiences in 4K later this year. The whole season will be in UHD – from minicam shots to drone shots – all the best possible.

It’s actually a big technical challenge to move to UHD production, and the small team here have been working hard to incorporate it into our existing workflow for making Walks Around Britain.

The full programmes will be available later this year in UHD on our subscription site Walks Around Britain+, just another of the benefits of subscribing.

The feedback to this season being in UHD will help the team decide when to make the move to UHD completely. At present, several specials and the upcoming season six are being produced traditionally in HD.

[Image: Walks Around Britain]

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