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CCXTV switches Freeview multiplex frequency

by RXTV-newsdesk

Recently launched Freeview exclusive entertainment channel CCXTV has moved to a new multiplex frequency.

Viewers will need to retune to continue watching the channel – best known for bringing back US soap The Bold and The Beautiful – in its usual slot on Freeview channel 23.

CCXTV has swapped multiplex slots with shopping channel Hochanda, which has moved to fill CCXTV’s old 07:00-22:00 slot on Freeview multiplex COM5, while CCXTV moves to COM4 (SDN). There’s sufficient space to allow CCXTV to continue running on its old slot for a short period to allow viewers to retune if needed.

Meanwhile, Ideal Extra has been allocated a Freeview channel slot for viewers covered by a local TV service. The spin-off from shopping channel Ideal World will now appear on channel 94 for some viewers.

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