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Discovery gives its free-to-air channels a refresh

by RXTV-newsdesk

Discovery has explained why some of its free-to-air channels look different since last week.

The media giant has confirmed in a press release today that it has completed a “brand refresh” across all of its UK free-to-air channels.

The change has affected Quest, Quest Red, DMAX, Food Network, HGTV and Really, who were quietly given the visual makeover at the beginning of April.

All now follow the same look and feel as its online service dplay. The change has also removed the last relics of Really’s old branding, created under the channel’s old owners, UKTV and affects all the navigational and presentation aspects of the six channels. Notably, Quest Red’s on-screen logo is now stacked.

The new look was created by Discovery’s own in-house design team in London.

In a statement released this morning, Rebecca Diver Phillips, VP brand strategy, Discovery, said:

We are proud to unveil a new visual identity for our free-to-air channels.

With dplay serving as the unifying brand, it allows viewers to navigate our content across all platforms in a seamless and entertaining way.

We are particularly pleased to have been able launch it at this time, while our ‘stay home heroes’ are tuning in to our channels to watch the programmes they know and love.

[Image: Discovery]

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