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Disney Plus fixes Simpsons issue

by RXTV-newsdesk

A major gripe from subscribers to the on-demand service is being resolved.

Older episodes of The Simpsons, which were originally made in the 4:3 pre-widescreen aspect ratio will be available in their original format on Disney Plus from 28th May 2020.

Many subscribers pointed out that the previous arrangement, which involved converting the episodes into widescreen format, meant that a number of subtle visual gags for which the animated show is well known for, were cropped out of scenes.

Within days of the service launching in the USA, the issue become one of the most complained about issue with Disney Plus. After the service launched in further countries, the complaints continued to come in.

The Simpsons is part of a library of Fox content that has made its way to Disney following the company’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Disney Plus also contains content from National Geographic, Marvel and Star Wars.

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