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Freesat on-demand gremlin fixed

by RXTV-newsdesk

Some Freesat users had problems accessing on-demand services over the last few days.

Owners of Freesat receivers said they couldn’t access on-demand content via the platform, which combines regular satellite TV with on-demand and catch-up TV apps. The fault resulted in a number of complaints to Freesat.

Initially, Freesat advised customers to contact the manufacturer of their receiver. Later on, it confirmed that all affected viewers should reboot their receivers to restore on-demand access.

Without giving details of what went wrong, Freesat has now advised that full on-demand access has been restored to all users.

Freesat has recently launched a new set of satellite receivers as part of its new generation of devices, with features including 4K/UHD support. Ahead of the launch it parted ways with Humax, who have produced Freesat’s flagship receivers since Freesat’s launch. It’s understood that Freesat will continue to support the on-demand service available on Humax “Freetime” boxes, but some new features will only be available on the latest boxes.


Daniel Sutton | Satellite television reporter

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