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Freeview change to Sony Movies

by RXTV-newsdesk

Viewers may need to retune to continue watching Sony Movies on Freeview.

The channel is currently on the move to a new frequency on the digital terrestrial TV service.

As of midday on Wednesday 15th April, Sony Movies is currently simulcasting on old and new frequencies – viewers with older TVs and boxes will lose the channel on 2nd June if they don’t retune.

  • Newer receivers will automatically store the new version of Sony Movies on channel 32 and the old version on channel 792.
  • Some boxes will stick the new version of Sony Movies in the 800s channel range until a full retune is completed.

Other Sony services on Freeview, which are only available in the some parts of the country, such as Sony Movies Classic are unaffected by this change.

For information about retuning Freeview, see www.freeview.co.uk/help

A more detailed breakdown of the changes can be found on the Freeview Updates page…

  • Updated with Sony Movies simulcast end date.

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