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Freeview pixelated by hot weather

by RXTV-newsdesk

High pressure conditions are being blamed for poor Freeview reception in the south of the country.

Atmospheric conditions associated with the current heatwave have been causing what engineers term “co-channel interference”, with signals blocking out local Freeview services, particularly in coastal areas. The poor reception manifests itself in the form of pixelation, sound glitches and temporary loss of channels.

The BBC says TV reception will return to normal when weather conditions change, and has advised viewers of alternative options, including the iPlayer, or satellite and cable services, which aren’t affected by the weather.

Broadcasters say they are unable to prevent reception problems caused by weather conditions, but viewers who frequently have reception problems should have their TV aerial and cabling checked out.

Reception problems caused by the weather are intensified in areas where there is great demand for frequencies, as TV services in adjacent areas end up using the same frequencies as more spectrum is taken over by mobile networks. The main UK channels are usually allocated frequencies with the least amount of interference and frequency reusage in a given region.

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