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Sky Q update: HDR Disney+ and new menus

by RXTV-newsdesk

Sky has announced it is rolling out a new update for users of its flagship box, with new menus, more HDR programming and changes to voice search.

The pay TV giant says the update is the biggest Sky Q users have seen since its launch in the UK, with features such as the static menu bar being abolished in favour of a “dynamic collapsible menu”, with more TV, online video, film, podcast, music and games recommendations appearing on the screen.

The update will also provide access to Disney+ in High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the first time, as part of Sky’s ongoing roll-out of HDR content on Sky Q, which began with a soft-launch in May. By Christmas, Sky expects more Sky Nature shows, alongside Sky Cinema movies and Sky Originals to be available in HDR.

Other new features to be unleashed include a “show centre”, a homepage for each programme bringing together all seasons/series, episodes, recordings, schedules and on-demand links in one place. A new smart button will know if viewers have already watched part of the series, and will allow them to jump straight to where they left of.

A new “sports centre” will do the same for different sports, with a football page bringing together all the available live and on-demand football available on Sky Q across all broadcasters.

Voice control is being changed as well, with subscribers able to search Sky Q for themes and genres using their voice.

Sky Q users can expect the update to arrive on their box in the next few weeks. Additionally, further new features in development will continue to be rolled out every few months via further updates.

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