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How cable subscribers increased their TV usage during lockdown

by RXTV-newsdesk

Virgin TV customers spent an average extra 41 minutes per day watching TV during the lockdown, according to new figures released today.

According to Virgin Media’s data, Saturday 28th March was the busiest day for customers tuning in to TV channels and apps with 17% and 42% growth respectively compared to the eight previous Saturdays. ‘The Big Night In’ from the BBC was the most viewed event over the lockdown months.

News, music and radio channels saw huge growth in demand as customers tuned in to stay informed and entertained. During the first few weeks of lockdown, Virgin Media customers spent 25 minutes on average watching the news. There was a 50% increase in the usage of radio and music TV channels during this time.

With the majority of schools closed throughout the country, viewers spent 5 hours more on average during April watching Pay TV kids channels such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network compared to February, although Virgin Media did open up additional pay TV channels to more subscribers during this time.

Among Virgin Media customers, 29% spent more time watching video apps in the early part of lockdown than the pre-lockdown period (6th January-22nd March), with Netflix experiencing a 32% surge in app usage time via the Virgin TV platform during early lockdown.

The YouTube app was also accessed by 16% more users and overall viewing time increased by 37%.


“Lockdown has certainly seen a leap in TV viewing across the nation. Whether tuning in to the latest news or catching up on favourite movie or TV series, our customers have been glued to their television sets throughout lockdown to stay informed and entertained. Alongside our ultrafast connectivity, we’ve supported customers through these difficult months by making more than 50 channels available at no extra cost and launching new, fully-integrated apps so it’s even easier for customers to find, watch and enjoy terrific TV and movies whenever they want.”



Which areas in the UK have watched the most linear TV?

Among Virgin Media customers, the following areas saw the greatest increase in linear TV usage

  • 1. Scotland (+46 minutes per day on average)
  • 2. Northern Ireland (+44 minutes per day on average)
  • 3. London (+42 minutes)
  • – North East (+42 minutes)

All regions across the UK consumed more linear TV during lockdown with an average increase of 39 minutes per viewer day compared to pre-lockdown.


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