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Love Island cripples the ITV Hub

by RXTV-newsdesk

ITV’s streaming service has been struggling with demand for three consecutive nights.

It was the most streamed live programme on the ITV Hub in 2019 and has driven a sharp growth in the number of users to the service in the past two years, but as Love Island starts 2020 with a new winter series, the ITV Hub hasn’t been able to provide all users with a reliable service.

Users trying to access the live stream of ITV2 during Love Island via the ITV Hub have reported buffering, loss of access and difficulties logging in since the series launched.

At one point earlier this week, ITV dropped the normally mandatory log-in to reduce the system overload.

Since Sunday, the customer service team at the ITV Hub have had to face a barrage of complaints via social media. This evening they advised users to try refreshing the stream to restore access.

The show, this time based in South Africa, targets a large number of younger viewers, of a generation who prefer to stream the series, rather than access it via ITV2’s traditional TV service, via platforms such as Freeview, Sky or Virgin Media.

Viewers who missed out due to the technical issues can watch on catch-up on the ITV Hub, or watch an hour after the nightly episode is first shown over on ITV2+1.

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