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Pluto TV gets a revamp; new features

by RXTV-newsdesk

Users of the free ViacomCBS streaming service Pluto TV will notice some changes to the service.

It’s part of a revamp for the service, which has launched a new tag line “Drop In. It’s Free” and unveiled Project Venetia – its new interface which is being rolled out across a number of devices to reach all users in the coming weeks, as well as a revised logo (pictured above).

Features of Pluto TV’s Project Venetia include:

  • A new linear interface that lets viewers skip directly to channels in their preferred category (e.g., movies, news, entertainment, sports);
  • A favorite-channels list that keeps users’ favorites at the top of the channel guide;
  • An enhanced VOD interface letting users go to favorite categories (like “binge-watch” and rom coms) and providing a new preview mode to display movie information and trailers;
  • A watch list to let viewers save their top picks with one click; and
  • A “Watch Now” button that pops up in live feeds if a title is available on-demand.

Pluto TV is now widely available across Europe, following its original launch in the USA. It’s coming to Latin America later this year. Each national version of the service contains some variations in the channels available to customers.

Tom Ryan, CEO and Co-Founder of Pluto TV commented:

Today marks another major step for Pluto TV in its mission to entertain the planet. Project Venetia makes it even easier for viewers to find and enjoy their favorite streaming TV programming. And with our new brand campaign, we’re communicating the core value proposition of Pluto TV and inviting everyone to visit a bold new world of television. As our new tagline promises, you can drop in anytime and start watching hundreds of channels on any device, all for free.

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