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Sky’s Pick goes HD in complex pre-football switch

by RXTV-newsdesk

A new HD outlet beckons for the channel, but also a complex arrangement to deal with live Premier League football and viewers in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Sky has been busy reconfiguring its free-to-air entertainment channel ahead of the screening of 25 different Premier League games, starting on Friday 19th June 2020.

In addition to the current arrangement, that has a UK and Irish version of the main channel, there are now three standard definition versions and two HD versions of the channel were observed in test mode, one of which is now live and free-to-air on satellite.

Of these, there will be versions carrying live Premier League football, and football-free versions, due to broadcasting rights issues.

Where to watch Sky’s Pick channel in the UK

   HD with football  SD with football  SD no football  +1 no football
Sky    159  895*  –  259
Freeview¹  –  11  –  -²
Virgin TV 165  –  –  –
Freesat    147  –  144  145

Information as of 19:30 17/06/2020

* Channel 159 on non-HD Sky boxes.

¹ The same channel numbers apply on YouView devices (BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Plusnet TV, Sony & Humax retail)

² Pick+1 is closing on Freeview 18/06/2020


Viewers with pay TV subscriptions:

Those games Sky has the rights to will be shown in HD via Sky Sports as normal; a selection will also feature on Sky 1.


For viewers in the Republic of Ireland

For viewers in the Republic of Ireland, Pick will carry a football-free schedule, as the free-to-air arrangement is only valid in the UK.

Viewers in the Republic of Ireland will be able to watch those matches Sky has the rights to via Sky Sports as normal, with some games also featuring on Sky 1. Viewers using a free-to-air satellite receiver can manually tune in to 25 games via Sky’s Pick channel, parameters listed below.

For viewers outside of the UK and Ireland

Due to the way some satellite signals are available across a wider area of Europe than others, existing versions of Pick available widely across the continent, including the Irish version of the main channel, will not carry live Premier League football. Premier League coverage will be available via local sports subscription services in these countries.

Free-to-air Pick HD is available via the UK spotbeam and will be available to viewers in The Netherlands, Belgium and parts of France.

Pick UK HD with Football 



  • Astra 28.2E UK Spotbeam
  • Frequency 12363
  • Polarisation Vertical
  • Symbol Rate 27500
  • FEC 2/3
  • Mode DVB-S2 QSPK
  • Service ID 5829 Pick (HD)

Full manual tuning information for Pick…

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