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Solution found for BBC iPlayer Roku problem

by RXTV-newsdesk

A software update has been made available to Roku and Now TV device owners that should resolve most of the issues stopping users from playing programmes from the BBC iPlayer.

The fault, first reported back in May, has been stopping some Roku and Now TV device owners from watching programmes from the BBC, with users reporting either a ‘something went wrong’ message or an error code message on screen. The problem appears to be hit and miss, with RXTV readers getting in touch to confirm the fault wasn’t visible on every device.

The BBC says a software update is now available that will remove the fault for the majority of users across Roku own label devices and Now TV boxes/sticks (powered by Roku). This update is being automatically provided to devices, but can be manually downloaded. A small minority is reported to be still having problems, with the matter under further investigation by Roku.

Users who can’t access the iPlayer at all, because their Roku or Now TV device crashes whenever the iPlayer icon is selected, are being told to do a factory reset.


Manually updating software on Roku and Now TV devices

Can’t wait for an automatic update? You can check to see if an update is available for manual download by going to the settings menu and selecting ‘system‘ then ‘system update‘. Select ‘Check Now‘ to get your device to look for software updates.

Should a software update be available for your device, let it install. Then force a system restart, by going to settings, selecting ‘system‘ then ‘system restart‘.

Should you need to do a factory reset, you can also do that via the systems menu in settings. But because this will have a number of consequences and remove personalised settings, users are strongly advised to check the official instructions from Roku UK Support first.


Ed Walton | Connected Platforms Reporter

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