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TalkTalk scales down Sky channel offer

by RXTV-newsdesk

TalkTalk has stopped offering Sky Sports and Sky Cinema to new customers of its TV service.

Existing customers of the YouView-based TV service with either or both of these channel add-ons, known as “channel boosts” are being allowed to keep them – but if they are ever removed from a customer’s package, they won’t be able to add them back on.

Instead, TalkTalk is advising customers to sign up directly to Now TV in order to access Sky’s premium channels, which are available through the Now TV app on TalkTalk TV boxes.

Some TalkTalk customers have been sent an email with a discount code for a Now TV Pass that can be redeemed via the Now TV website. All billing is through Now TV and not TalkTalk.

In recent times, TalkTalk’s offer of Sky channels has slowly been diminished, with no HD option. Channels such as Sky Atlantic and the new Sky Documentaries and Nature channels are also not available directly through TalkTalk, something that accessing Sky via the Now TV app on TalkTalk boxes can rectify.

The changes don’t affect those Sky entertainment channels currently on TalkTalk, such as Sky One and Sky Witness, which continue to be available in SD to new and existing customers.

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