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BT, EE and Sky put prices up

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BT, EE and Sky are all in the process of informing customers of the new prices they will pay from this spring.

Having changed the way it calculates price rises, BT and EE customers will see their bills rises by up to 4.5% from 31st March 2021. Customers still on older contracts will only see a 0.6% rise. As price rises are now incorporated into new contracts, affected customers can’t leave penalty-free under Ofcom rules. EE is a subsidiary of BT.

Sky’s price rises are arriving in two phases: internet and TV prices increase on 1st April 2021, phone prices on 1st May 2021. Sky says customers should not see prices rise by more than £6. Customers who want to leave based on price rises outside of contractual terms will be free to leave. Broadband charges are increasing by between £1 and £3 a month. Access to BT Sport on Sky will cost £2 a month extra (£27) from April, while the price of Multiscreen increases by a £1 to £15 a month. There are no price rises for Sky Cinema and no in-contract rises for Sky Sports.

Due to the complex nature of BT, EE and Sky’s pricing across various products, plus price variations depending on whether you are in or out of a contract, each company is providing each customer with a personalised breakdown of the new charges. This will either be done by email or letter in the post.

BT’s price rise formula

  • In 2019, BT announced it would introduce an annual price rise fixed to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate, as measured at the beginning of each year.
  • In 2020, BT changed the formula. With the CPI rate falling due to the pandemic, the telecoms company confirmed it would add 3.9% on top of the CPI rate as measured at the beginning of the year.
  • In January 2021, the CPI was 0.6%. Customers still on older terms will therefore see a 0.6% increase. For all new contracts, BT will add 3.9 to the CPI of 0.6% = 4.5%. Customers are not permitted to end the contract early without penalty, as the price rise formula is part of the contract.

The full list of BT prices, including price rises are found in BT’s Residential Pricing List.

Sky’s price rises

  • Sky warns customers that prices may change in the contract. However, it hasn’t set out a policy across all of its products in the same way as BT has. Different prices apply once the introductory contact period has ended.
  • During the minimum contractual period (aka ‘minimum term’, Sky TV prices may increase once every 12 months by up to 10%. These limits do not apply to other Sky services.
  • Sky Essential prices for existing customers are fixed for up to three years, excluding chargeable calls. After this period, prices are subject to change in line with prices for new customers.

Price changes for Sky’s telephone service are found in the Sky Talk Tariff Guide.

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