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BT integrates Netflix in TV packages

by RXTV-newsdesk
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BT TV has revamped its flexible TV packages with Netflix now available as part of Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP plans.

Customers who already have a Netflix account can transfer their account details and saved content to their flexible BT TV package. New customers who sign up to the packages before December 2nd will get their first three months BT TV service half price. While the standard Netflix service is part of the deal, HD and UHD upgrades are subject to a surcharge.

Following the expansion of the flexible packages, BT TV customers will still be able to tailor their TV line-up by adding and removing content subscriptions each month, and switch between packages. The plans also allow upgrades to HD and UHD Netflix tiers for £4 and £8 which will also give access to Netflix content on multiple screens simultaneously. Any Netflix upgrade will charged through the customer’s BT bill, alongside any add-ons, such as Prime Video.

Siena Pakington, TV content Director at BT said:

“We know that our customers love watching Netflix shows and films, so we’re thrilled to be able to include a Netflix subscription as part of our flexible entertainment TV packages and offer them an even more extensive line up of the best content. This addition, together with our recently launched BT TV Box Pro means our viewers are set to enjoy the very best TV experience with ability to switch up their viewing month to month.”

Analysis / BT’s fight to stay relevant

BT TV faces a struggle to stay relevant given the onslaught of new streaming services. When BT first launched its TV service, the extra content offered was a way to retain customers.

Now, thanks to the move to streaming, many these services are available on customer’s smart TVs without requiring an additional box and without being tied to a particular internet provider. At the same time, many of its linear pay channels can be accessed directly through NOW (TV). Other linear pay TV channels once carried by BT have closed. Additionally, it has had to revamp its TV packages to give viewers the month-by-month flexibility that they enjoy when subscribing directly to streaming services.

As a result, BT is now pushing convenience and single billing. BT’s TV boxes can access free, pay and on-demand services – in SD, HD and UHD – all in one interface, using one remote. Meanwhile, customers can be billed for various services in one place.

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