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Discovery boosts channel provision for Republic of Ireland

by RXTV-newsdesk
Discovery free-to-air channels DMAX, HGTV and Quest Red

Discovery is preparing to launch Republic of Ireland versions of its free TV channels DMAX, HGTV and Quest Red.

The channels will contain dedicated advertising for the Republic of Ireland and will be separately licensed for broadcast in an EU country. Once the satellite test period has ended, the three channels will join Sky’s Republic of Ireland channel list in March. They’ll join the main Discovery pay TV channel and the former UKTV network Really, which already have Irish variants. Discovery’s channels are also available on Eir and Virgin Media cable in Ireland.

Test transmissions are currently receivable free-to-air across all of Europe via the Astra 2G Europe beam, unlike reception of the UK versions of the channels, which are limited to North West Europe. Broadcast parameters are always subject to change before the channels officially go live.

DMAX, HGTV and Quest Red

Use the following parameters to tune in to these channels:

Satellite: Astra 2G
Frequency: 11038
Polarisation: Vertical
Mode: DVB-S
Symbol Rate: 22000
FEC: 5/6
Service IDs: 52420 HGTV ROI, 52440 DMAX ROI, 52450 Quest Red ROI

Information correct as of 20th February 2021. Tuning parameters may change with no notice.

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