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Explainer: What changes is ITV making on 13th April?

by RXTV-newsdesk
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On 13th April 2021, the next ITV regional changes take place. It follows ITV’s decision last year to make HD the default option on Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media.

In this round of changes, Freeview or Virgin Media viewers will be unaffected. Nor will ITV viewers on Sky Q, Sky HD or Freesat HD see any changes, including those with LG and Samsung Smart TVs with built-in Freesat.

You will be affected by the changes if you own an old standard definition (first generation) Sky or Freesat receiver, watch ITVBe+1 or are in Northern Ireland and make use of UTV+1.

Affected viewers

  • Viewers using older SD-only Sky and Freesat receivers will no longer be guaranteed their correct regional news service via satellite. This will affect viewers in the Anglia, Central East, Tyne Tees, West, Westcountry and Yorkshire regions. Viewers will need to upgrade to Sky HD or Freesat HD, or switch to Freeview (through a TV aerial) to continue watching their regional news.
  • In Northern Ireland, all Sky and Freesat viewers will lose UTV+1. It will be replaced by ITV+1 for the Granada region.

In addition to changes to the main ITV channel, all Sky and Freesat viewers will lose ITVBe+1.

Wrong region?

For everyone except those using an older SD satellite receiver, the correct ITV region is available on the third channel of each platform. This is the full ITV regional service based on where you live. This is assigned to you based on the postcode linked to your Sky viewing card, or the postcode entered into a Freesat receiver.

Other versions of ITV, including the +1, will be based on a macro regional structure. Some viewers may still receive news that’s relevant to them, but many viewers will see news from a different area of the UK.

PlatformFull ITV regional serviceMacro regional service
FreeviewChannel 3 (SD)ITV HD (103), ITV+1 (34)
Sky HD, Sky Q and Freesat HDChannel 103 (HD by default*)ITV SD (Sky 803^), ITV+1 (Sky 203; FS 112)
Sky SD, Freesat SDReplaced by macro regional service
ITV SD (103), ITV+1 (Sky 203; FS 112)
Virgin MediaChannel 103 (HD by default*)ITV+1 (114)

*ITV Border Scotland and Channel TV are currently standard definition only. ^Not Border Scotland or Channel Islands.

What are macro regions?

Macro regions are larger areas combining multiple ITV regions for advertising purposes. They had their origins in the time when ITV companies were buying their neighbouring stations, e.g. so that Granada could sell advertising for all of the north of England.

This means viewers in England will see one of either Central (West Midlands), Granada, London or Meridian (Kent) news, weather and local adverts when viewing ITV+1 on all platforms, ITV HD on Freeview only or ITV SD on older satellite receivers.

ITV/STV regional structure

From 13th April 2021.

* ITV SD on Freeview channel 3
* ITV HD on Sky, Freesat & Virgin channel 103.
* ITV SD on Freeview 3.
* +1
* ITV HD-Freeview
* ITV SD-Sky/Freesat
Anglia EastITV News Anglia
(East edition)
Meridian East
Anglia WestITV News Anglia
(West edition)
Meridian East
Border EnglandITV News LookaroundGranada
Border Scotland
(SD only)
ITV News LookaroundGranada
Central EastITV News Central
(East Midlands)
Central West
Central WestITV News Central
(West Midlands)
Central West
Channel Television
(SD only)
ITV News Channel TV-
GranadaITV News Granada ReportsGranada
LondonITV News LondonLondon
Meridian EastITV News Meridian
(Kent edition)
Meridian East
Meridian SouthITV News Meridian
(South Coast edition)
Meridian East
Meridian Thames
ITV News Meridian
(Thames Valley edition)
Meridian East
STV Central - East
(SD only on Freesat;
No +1 on Sky/Freesat)
STV News (Edinburgh)STV Central - West
STV Central - West
(No +1 on Sky/Freesat)
STV News
STV Central - West
STV North - Aberdeen
(SD only on Freesat;
No +1 on Sky/Freesat)
STV News
STV Central - West
STV North - Tayside
(SD only on Freesat;
No +1 on Sky/Freesat)
STV News
(Aberdeen), with Tayside opt-outs
STV Central - West
Tyne TeesITV News Tyne TeesGranada
Granada (+1 satellite)
WalesITV News Wales at SixWales;
+1: Central West
WestITV News West Country (East edition)Central West
West CountryITV News West Country (West edition)Central West
Yorkshire - EastITV News Calendar
(East edition)
Yorkshire - WestITV News Calendar
(West edition)

Note: Regional names as used by ITV Media. Where there are divergencies, e.g. in the STV regions, both names are provided.

  • Article updated on 09/04/2020 with information regarding ITVBe+1 and UTV+1.

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