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Freeview in Nottingham subject to daytime disruption

by RXTV-newsdesk
Nottingham TV transmitter

Daytime TV viewers in Nottingham may find their Freeview service disrupted this week, due to engineering work at the City’s transmitter mast.

The Nottingham transmitter, near Nuthall, provides a TV signal for viewers to the north of the City Centre, across to parts of the Sandiacre and Long Eaton area.

Engineers working at the site will need to temporarily disrupt TV signals between 10:00 and 16:00 until Friday afternoon.

Not all Freeview users in Nottingham are affected. Viewers able to get a signal from the main East Midlands transmitter at Waltham will not see any change to their service.

Viewers can check if they are receiving from Waltham by looking at the direction of their TV aerial. A Waltham aerial will be pointing roughly south-eastwards from Nottingham and will have horizontal elements. Aerials pointing towards the Nottingham transmitter will face the direction of junction 26 of the M1 (north/north-westwards). They will have vertical elements.

Meanwhile, atmospheric conditions may affect Freeview reception at other times during the course of the week.

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