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French satellite radio switches to DVB-S2

by M6051008
Radio France logos

Standard definition satellite receivers will no longer be able to access French radio services and the BBC World Service via Astra 19.2E.

The dual broadcast on the previous frequency of 12363 V has been discontinued following a three month transition period.

Both public service and commercial stations are affected by the move, including France Culture, France Info, France Inter, RTL, NRJ and Virgin Radio France. The stations are now available on the new frequency of 12285 V [Symbol Rate 29700, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 – 8PSK). The signal is unencrypted.

The BBC World Service, which is broadcast on the same transponder as the French radio stations has also been affected by the changeover.

This is part of a wider move across continental broadcasters to switch to the newer DVB-S2 standard. However, it reduces the number of services available on older satellite receivers.

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