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GB News to add news bulletins

by RXTV-newsdesk
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Beleaguered news channel to introduce hourly news bulletins from next month, as it prepares for stiff competition from News UK’s talkTV.

The channel has been criticised for carrying very little news since its launch earlier this year. It has primarily focused on debate and opinion on a narrow range of subjects to appeal to its target audience. For the latest developments and live coverage of most news events, viewers have had to switch elsewhere.

Defending recent criticism of GB News, presenter Dan Wootton revealed yesterday that the channel will introduce news bulletins from October.

The news bulletins fit in to the plan to launch a radio simulcast of GB News shortly. This will be available on digital radio.

The development comes a week after rival News UK confirmed it was going to launch talkTV in the UK next year. Like GB News, it aims to be available on all major TV platforms. But it has already confirmed that hourly news bulletins will be part of its schedule. This will provide a clear demarcation between news and opinion-based output. Through links to brands such as The Times and Virgin Radio, News UK hopes to provide a home for advertisers reluctant to book slots on GB News. The launch of talkTV was personally pushed forward by News UK boss Rupert Murdoch.

Recent media leaks confirm an editorial struggle at the top of GB News. Current management have committed to directing the channel towards a Fox News-style service. By focusing on stories that its target audience feels emotionally attached to, GB News hopes to develop a viewer-led community willing to fund the channel.

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