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ITVBe +1 axed on satellite

by RXTV-newsdesk

Timeshift version of ITVBe is discontinued on Sky and Freesat as part of a wider change to ITV’s satellite services.

ITVBe+1 will be removed from Sky and Freesat from 13th April 2021. With the +1 channel gone, viewers who have missed the start of the their favourite reality shows, including TOWIE, Dinner Date and The Real Housewives of… will need to catch-up on the ITV Hub.

The main ITVBe channel is unaffected. It continues as normal on its usual Sky and Freesat channel number.

It’s part of a wider change to ITV’s services on satellite taking place on 13th April. ITV has been making all of its regional versions of its main channel available in HD by default to all Sky Q, Sky HD and Freesat HD viewers. To ensure that it can make the best use of available satellite capacity, some standard definition services are being removed. The majority of the affected services are regional versions of ITV in standard definition. Most viewers won’t notice any change, because the version of ITV on channel 103 is now the HD version. But in order to clear an entire satellite transponder, two additional services are being cut: ITVBe+1, plus, in Northern Ireland only, UTV+1.

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