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Kerrang TV is back

by RXTV-newsdesk
Kerrang TV

Fans of the rock music channel had to wait longest for the resumption of services after it was forced off-air in September.

Kerrang TV, part of the Channel 4-owned Box Plus Network, is once again available on Sky, Virgin Media and online, providing music fans with an alternative to predominately pop and urban music channels. The service was restored this morning.

It was one of the few channels that did manage to switch to a limited back-up following September’s incident at Red Bee Media. However, as services struggled to remain on air, the number of channels broadcast was reduced. As a result, a number of channels, including Kerrang! switched to The Box for a sustaining service.

In the weeks that followed, Box Hits, 4Music and Magic were restored. But Kerrang TV remained off-air without any further explanation. Fans of the channel vented their annoyance at the channel’s Twitter account, which hadn’t been updated since 11th October.

It’s part of a wider restoration of Channel 4 operated services this morning. Subtitles and audio description are now available again on all platforms.

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