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NTD debuts on Freeview-based streaming service

by RXTV-newsdesk
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Fresh from its UK launch on Sky, viewers with compatible receivers can now access the channel on Freeview.

NTD has joined the channel line-up on Channelbox, the linear channel streaming portal on Freeview channel 271.

The New-York based channel offers an alternative take on Chinese news, arts and culture compared to that offered by China’s state-controlled media. But both broadcasters have seen their fair share of controversy over their coverage of Chinese affairs.

Helen Li, General Manager of NTD UK said:

“We are delighted to be working with Channelbox, making use of their innovative approach to video delivery to bring our unique brand of programming to a bigger UK audience.”

Channelbox is a streaming portal on Freeview channel 271, through which viewers using compatible devices can access a growing number of specialist, free-to-view linear TV channels. For instance, NOW 70s and 90s, Trace Vault and Clubland. As a result, viewers can access channels not normally available on Freeview.

A full list of channels carried by Channelbox is available on the Channelbox website.

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