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Talking Pictures to launch on-demand service

by RXTV-newsdesk

UPDATE / Talking Pictures is set to launch a new on-demand service, allowing viewers to catch-up on programmes and films shown on the channel.

The channel has been showcasing vintage films and programmes since 2015 and has built up a cult following of viewers.

The new service will be called TPTV Encore. It is due to go live at the beginning of December, according to an announcement in it’s most recent viewer newsletter.

Talking Pictures says the service will be free, but also ‘uncensored’, in an apparent swipe at Ofcom. The regulator has warned Talking Pictures on multiple occasions about the use of language in its films, now deemed inappropriate under today’s broadcasting standards. Current broadcasting rules mean TV operators need to warn viewers if a programme contains such terms. In some instances, the regulator requires context to be provided. On other occasions, certain scenes may need to be cut. The rules are unpopular with some viewers and media outlets, with some newspapers venting frustration at the inclusion of warning announcements before older TV programmes.

However, the new TPTV Encore service is still expected to be subject to Ofcom, under rules given it to regulate video on-demand services that are editorially based in the UK.

How to access TPTV Encore

You will need to access the service through a web browser. Visit https://www.tptvencore.co.uk/ to register an account for the service.

There is no smart TV app for this service.

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