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Why can’t I get GREAT! movies classic or GREAT! tv on Freeview?

by RXTV-newsdesk

With a blend of award-winning and iconic movies and series, GREAT! movies classic and GREAT! tv may feature a number of programmes of interest to you.

Until May 2021, these channels were known as Sony Movies Classic and Sony Channel. They rebranded on the 25th May. However, their Freeview coverage is still not complete.

Channel 49 (GREAT! tv) and 51 (GREAT! movies classic) aren’t available in all parts of the UK. Additionally, GREAT! movies action (channel 41) is not available from transmitters in Wales. As a result, you may find these channels are missing.

This is in contrast with the main GREAT! movies channel on channel 33, which has wider UK coverage on Freeview. As a result, you’re more likely to have channel 33 in your channel list, but not 49 or 51.

Why is this and how can I check which Freeview channels should be available in my area?

Freeview is made up of national and local groups of channels, called multiplexes.

Channels broadcast on local multiplexes have the lowest coverage. These channels include GREAT! movies classic, GREAT tv! and the children’s channel Tiny Pop. They piggyback on the signal that carries local TV channels (channel 7 or 8, where available).

In a nutshell, if you don’t live in an area covered by a local TV service, you won’t receive Sony Movies Classic or Sony Channel on your TV. Around a third of UK households are in this situation.

And if you live on the edge of a local TV coverage area, you may find that your receiver sometimes picks the channels up. But the signal may sometimes drop out or become pixelated.

You can check which Freeview channels are predicted to be available in your area by checking the Freeview coverage checker. Visit https://www.freeview.co.uk/check-channels-home

  • If the checker is telling you that you should be able to get channels you currently can’t receive, including GREAT! tv, contact a local aerial installer. They will be able to advise if you can get these channels with a new outdoor TV aerial, or an existing aerial moved to point to a different transmitter. Sometimes, local obstructions like a tree or a high rise building may block the strongest signal from reaching your aerial.
  • If the checker shows fewer channels then you actually currently receive, then you may be receiving from a different transmitter than the one Freeview thinks you should be on. Some aerials are installed to receive services from a transmitter with a slightly weaker signal in your area, but one that includes more channels, or a different BBC/ITV region.

If the checker doesn’t show GREAT! movies classic or GREAT! tv, then you are outside of the predicted coverage area.

Could this change in the future?

The decision to make the channels available on a lower coverage multiplex was made by the broadcaster. It’s always possible this situation may change in the future.

Can I receive these channels any other way?

At the moment, GREAT! tv doesn’t stream its channels. There are plans in place to make their services available on-demand. In the meantime, you can switch to Sky, Freesat or Virgin Media to watch the channels.

  • NOTE: GREAT! movies classic becomes a Christmas movie channel between September and early January every year.
  • This article was updated to reflect the new names of the channels, formerly Sony Channel and Sony Movies Classic.

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