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It integrated live and on-demand TV for the first time. But, a decade after Lord Sugar launched the hybrid service, supported by both broadcasters and internet service providers,

Channel 5 has been on air for a quarter of a century. In those years, Channel 5 has gone from cheap, cheesy TV to something a little more upmarket. It’s now gaining new fans from a new era of documentaries and dramas.

Freeview Play is Freeview’s next generation TV service that combines terrestrial TV with online streaming services. Not all smart TVs automatically support Freeview Play.

At the end of March, two further +1 channels will close, as broadcasters nudge viewers to their catch-up streaming services.

Since 2018, the BBC no longer has exclusive UK broadcast rights. This means it’s restricted to live coverage of no more than two live events at any one time.

A number of organisations are now considering 5G Broadcast as a possible successor to conventional terrestrial broadcasts. But what is 5G Broadcast, why is it being considered and who are piloting the services?

For many Freeview HD viewers in England, regional news is either for the wrong region or non-existent. That’s because of the limitations of the Freeview HD service as it’s currently set-up. But not for much longer.

Since the launch of BBC One HD in 2010, viewers wanting to watch the 6:30pm regional news have become accustomed to a red screen redirecting them to the SD service. That’s about to change…