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Manchester TV launches on Freeview channel 99

by M6051008
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The company behind the former ‘Made Television’ local TV network launches a new offshoot for audiences in Greater Manchester.

It’s the first time a local TV company has made a rival service available in an area served by a competitor, with the Montgomery Media controlled service gone live this week.

Manchester’s official local TV licence is awarded to the operator of That’s TV, which broadcasts on channel 7, using Freeview capacity reserved for the designated local TV service. Manchester TV is available on Freeview channel 99 via the commercial MTN multiplex from the Winter Hill transmitter.

Unlike That’s TV, Manchester TV does not have any local broadcast commitments. It also doesn’t qualify for prominent slot on the Freeview channel list, as it broadcasts using a regular non-public service Ofcom licence.

Observations indicate that the channel is currently relaying the main satellite feed serving the former Made Television stations. This carries simulcasts of CBS Reality and a round-up of news from across the areas the network serves during the early evening. There isn’t yet any Manchester-specific content.

The former Made Television channels have been operating since 2018 without a core brand, instead using their city of origin, followed by ‘TV’, e.g. Birmingham TV, Leeds TV. Other channels under common ownership cover Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool, Mold (NE Wales) and Newcastle upon Tyne.

Viewers may need to retune to access the channel.

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