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Sky+ clock fault to be fixed within days

by RXTV-newsdesk
Sky Plus HD Box

Sky has apologised to viewers affected by a software glitch over the weekend, which led to Sky+ boxes not adjusting for Greenwich Mean Time.

Thousands of users spotted their boxes had remained on British Summer Time (BST) following the time change at 2am on Sunday morning.

Affected users are unable to correct the fault themselves. Sky has promised a fix will be delivered to all affected Sky+ receivers via an over-the-air software patch. This is currently due to be delivered by Thursday 4th November 2021.

The fault only affected older Sky+ boxes; the clock change was implemented correctly on Sky Q and Sky Glass. Sky has reassured users that the fault only impacts the time shown on the box and the planner. Watching live TV or existing recordings and playing video-on-demand will work normally. Some users have told us new recordings are affected by being one hour out.

Sky+ was superseded by Sky Q five years ago. New subscribers receive either Sky Q (TV via satellite) or Sky Glass (for online delivery) by default. As a result, the impact is largely felt by long-standing Sky subscribers who haven’t upgraded their receiver.

If your Sky+ box was not fixed by Thursday 4th November, you will need to force the software update.

Unplug your box> Press and hold the backup button on the box while you plug the box back in.> Keep pressing the Backup button until the lights on the front panel flash.> Then follow on-screen instructions.

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