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Virgin Media to retire old V+ boxes

by RXTV-newsdesk

Virgin Media is end support for its old V+ receivers: viewers who don’t upgrade by the end of the month will lose their TV service.

Affected viewers are being warned of the change via an on-screen message advising them to upgrade to a newer box.

The V+ box was launched over a decade ago, becoming a rival to Sky’s counterpart Sky+. The V+ model being retired is the 2009 V+ model, built by Samsung. It was the last Virgin Media TV receiver to include a Scart connection. As a result, anyone using a newer V6 box in conjunction with an older TV needs a HDMI to Scart adapter. In 2018, Virgin Media started offering customers a free upgrade to its newer V6 box. Despite this, an unspecified number of V+ devices have remained in service.

By moving all of its customers on to newer devices, Virgin Media is able to simplify customer support and offer all customers the same range of TV channels, apps and streaming services. It is also now in a position to offer UHD services to all subscribers.

Virgin Media had originally expected to complete its swap out of older boxes by the end of June. However, it was delayed due to the pandemic.

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